CompactPlus 3 DX

Advances in energy efficient closed-circuit air conditioning

The CompactPlus 3 precision air-conditioning system conditions the air in Data Centers and equipment rooms more economically than conventional belt-driven fan cooling systems. 

CompactPlus 3 DX air conditioning units in the standard door size are available. The five sizes range from 950 to 2,550 mm in width.

Solutions for the CompactPlus 3 DX

  • Room cooling

  • Small and medium-sized Data Centers

  • Equipment rooms

  • High-density Data Centers

  • For use in the IT sector and medicine/hospitals



  • High efficiency in air conduction

  • High efficiency in cooling capacity

  • High cooling capacity per footprint

  • Designed for continuous, no-downtime operation over many years

  • Cools precisely, quietly and exceptionally economically

  • Design in Germany & Made in China

  • Cyril Chen, Product Manager

    "Thousands of customers in China rely on units from the CompactPlus series, being continuously developed for guaranteeing maximum benefits to customers."

Direct-driven AC fan optimized for CompactPlus 3 DX

  • Reduced power consumption and noise
  • Use one type of fan for all range
  • Uses the latest motors, electronic processor and impellers
  • The performance data already satisfies the requirements and standards of the future

On/off scroll compressor 

  • On/off compressor control for high efficiency and precise temperature regulation
  • Relatively constant supply air temperature
  • Fast reaction to actual variations in heat load Integrated soft start
  • Long service life thanks to high quality component

We offer individual system solutions that are specially tailored to your project requirements. Choose your system.


Flexibility thanks to variable air conduction

The CompactPlus 3 DX is available in Upflow and Downflow versions.

  • Upflow

  • Downflow

Variety of options for the CompactPlus 3 DX



  • Cooling capacity range from 20 kW to 103 kW

  • Universal direct-driven AC fans: Stable running, long life, maintenance easy

  • Available with 2 different refrigerants

  • Microprocessor control of all functions and components, even when several units are combined in one system

  • Filter control manager

  • Filter control manager

  • All parts requiring maintenance can be accessed from the front

  • Compact dimensions

  • Optimized filter areas and heat exchangers

  • Optimized air and water-side pressure drops

  • Filter class G4

  • Two refrigeration systems for upflow- and downflow, five sizes, one standard version

  • Standard door size for easy transport to final location

  • Very easy to service (access from the front)

  • Flexible installation in the Data Center


Control and monitoring

  • C7000 controller for controlling and monitoring the air conditioning system
  • High level of redundancy and availability thanks to autonomous controllers in every air conditioning module
  • Sequencing with standby functions
  • Control of up to 32 air conditioning modules per data bus system
  • UPS operation with configurable components for low unit power consumption
  • Recording of room climate
  • Service interface
  • Modbus protocol preinstalled
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