Free Cooling

Major energy savings thanks to Free Cooling

The CyberCon is available with the Free Cooling solutions Direct Free Cooling, Indirect Free Cooling and Adiabatic Cooling. 

Direct Free Cooling enables energy savings of up to 80 %.

Operating modeOutside temperatureOperation
Free CoolingOutside temperature between supply air temperature set point and minimum frost protection temperatureOutside air damper opens. Outside air flows through the filter directly into the unit, then into the data center; compressor off. The circulating air and exhaust air dampers open if the outside temperature drops or the heat load decreases. They mix circulating air with the outside air, so keeping the supply air temperature constant; compressor off.
Adiabatic Free CoolingOutside temperature above supply air temperature set pointIf the outside temperature exceeds the supply air temperature set point, an adiabatic cooling unit cools the outside air, exploiting the available Free Cooling potential to the full. Outside air damper open, compressor off.
Mixed modeOutside temperature rises continuouslyCompressor is activated as support, to make full use of Free Cooling mode; outside air damper open, compressor running in partial load mode.
DX modeOutside temperature is outside the range for Free Cooling and Mixed modeThe unit runs in Compressor mode; outside air damper closed.




Mechanical coolingFree CoolingAdiabatic cooling, humidificationHeat dissipation
DX coilDirect Free CoolingDirect Adiabatic CoolingCondenser module for DX
DX coil*Indirect Free Cooling (air)
Steam humidifier

Exhaust air module for Direct Free Cooling
No mechanical coolingIndirect Free Cooling (air)
No Free Cooling

*External chiller, cooling tower or dry cooler required



Exhaust air damper for Direct Free Cooling

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