Options for the STULZ Explorer XT

The numerous different options and possible equipment enable you to perfectly adapt STULZ units to your specific requirements.

  • EC fan

    The optional EC fan is possible for all range with flexible control of condensing temperature. It reduces the power consumption and noise level of the chiller.

  • Electronic expansion valve

    The electronic expansion valve option makes the control of refrigerant circuits more accurate and easily, and simultaneously optimise the performance.

  • Protective grill

    Protective grills for the coils are available for all versions. These are manufactured from the same material as the chiller housing, and painted in the same color. The size and cross section of the mesh is designed to achieve an ideal compromise between the two primary objectives: to protect the components and allow the required airflow rate.

  • Shock & vibration absorbers

    The shock & vibration absorbers prevent mechanical vibrations from being transmitted to the substructure.

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