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Sanya Focus | The Stulz Partner Conference 2019 was officially convened

Faced by the ocean, spring blossoms. In March 13-15, 2019, the annual Stulz Partner Conference was officially held in warm Sanya. Hundreds of Stulz partners from across China and Stulz's staff attended the event, which, titled "Explore extraordinary era and aim high", comprised a review on the past year performance and an outlook to the future market and bright blueprint. Now let's get straight to the wonderful scenes of the conference.

Review on the Brilliant Performance of 2018

At the beginning of the conference, Mr. Marc Brean, STULZ China President, led to go through a review on the performance of 2018. In the past year, STULZ had achieved amazing results and continuous sales growth with its professional technology and excellent after-sales service. It is worth mentioning that STULZ had put 5 factories and laboratories officially into operation around the world, which contributed to further improve the global layout of STULZ.

Deepen the Cooperation and Achieve Mutual Benefit

STULZ has been always striving to provide customers with better services. At the meeting, Mr. Li Maijiang, Director of Sales and Marketing at STULZ China, gave a detailed account of STULZ's channel level differentiation policy in 2019, as well as the services and value that STULZ can bring to its partners. By means of the platform of STULZ, the partners can achieve turnover, profit and customer growth. Meanwhile, the online training courses that STULZ offers can also serve as a platform for partners to train talents. In the future, STULZ will also cooperate to reach out to the partners' customers with perfect solutions.

Introduce the New Product and to Meet the Future

With the coming of the 5G era, the rapid growth of Internet and IT services put forward more stringent requirements for data center speed, stability and security. To meet the demand of the ever-changing market, STULZ commits itself to continued innovation. Mr. Kuang Min, Director of Operations of STULZ China, introduced in the conference all its "hit products" in 2019. Against the increase of demand for future edge computing, STULZ has upgraded its Cyber MDC series products that are applied to micro-module data center.

In addition, to better achieve integrated computer room management system, STULZ has applied the integrated computer room management software platform of micro-module intelligent monitoring system, enabling integrated monitoring of sensors, power supply, air conditioning and video surveillance.

Improve Service and Escort for Project Operation

Partners' trust in STULZ must be also based on its sophisticated project management service system. Mr. Li Tao, Service and Quality Director at STULZ China, introduced the excellent services of STULZ to the partners. From project design to final completion and acceptance, every step is strictly controlled by STULZ's after-sales service team. STULZ has acquired system and product certifications for its products, and it boasts an after-sale service and spare-part network in 25 major cities across China, to escort for the later operation of the project.

  • Experts Sharing Forum

  • Mr. Luo Zhigang, China Academy of Building Research (CABR) Data Center Institute

  • Ms. Yu Yanfang, GM of Commercial Refrigeration Division, ChinaIOL

Industry Experts Gathered

In the partner conference this year, STULZ invited a number of experts from edge data and refrigeration industries, to discuss with the numerous partners about challenges faced in the refrigeration industry, and to look into the future trend of data center.

From the perspective of the global market, the data center business has in recent years developed rapidly driven by the Internet and IT business needs, followed with fast-growing capacity. Meanwhile, with the rapid growth of the domestic economy, and deepening of IoT, mobile Internet and cloud computing applications, a number of large-scale and even ultra-large-scale data centers have come forth. As such, consolidation, upgrade and cloud are now the themes of data center. In the future, driven by the impact of policies, the continuous expansion of data centers will also spur the growing demand for the computer room refrigeration market.


Award Ceremony

STULZ‘s impressive achievements in 2018 could not be achieved without the partners who advance together with STULZ. To recognize their contribution to STULZ's ever-growing performance, and inspire their continuous efforts, STULZ particularly issued the Certificate of Authorization for the S and T level partners, and commended the outstanding partners. We look forward to rather great achievements in the coming year.

At the end of the "full-of-essence" conference, there were also colorful activities prepared for the partners, which allowed them to enjoy food and performances, and gain further ties with each other through team building.







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