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[Wining the Future] STULZ Partner Conference 2018 Held Successfully in Ningbo

On March 15, 2018, STULZ, a world-leading energy efficiency and temperature & humidity management technology supplier, held 2018 Partner Meeting in Ningbo Dongqian Lake Hilton Hotel & Resorts. Hundreds of representatives of partners from all over the country, as well as staff of STULZ attended the conference, during which attendees reviewed efforts and achievements made by all partners in the past year, and sought ways for further cooperation in the future.

Global market and strategy introduction 


Mr. Kurt Plötner, vice president of STULZ GmbH firstly looked back on the sales performance of STULZ. The period from 2000 to 2012 has witnessed a steady improvement in global market share of STULZ, ranking second in the industry. Meanwhile, Mr. Kurt Plötner shed light on STULZ’s brand-new One-Stop cooling solutions, and displayed its complete product chains, as well as cooling related products in the field of data center.

A look back on sales performance in China market in 2017 


Immediately, Mr Marc Brean, China Managing Director of STULZ, made introduction on sales performance in China in 2017. In line with the continuous expansion of data center air conditioning industry in China since 2013, performance of STULZ in China has also kept on growing robustly. Compared with 2016, STULZ has achieved particularly favorable results in 2017, such as sound growth of all products, obvious increase in big projects domestically, and further market share expansion.

Sales strategies and channel polices of STULZ


The newly launched sales strategies and channel polices prove to be one highlight of the conference. Mr. Li Binjiang, Director of Sales and Market Department of STULZ expounded on the new policies at the conference, and it is his expectation that STULZ will sincerely work with partners present to achieve mutual growth and win-win results.

Market trend of data center and new products promotion of STULZ 


Mr. Kuang Min, Operation Director of STULZ, pointed out that the trend featuring rapid development of data centers in Chinese market and the huge market potential in the future based on data comparison between China and the US, and introduced the targeted products used for different application scenes. For traditional data center, STULZ mainly launches CyberZen products, offering a complete set of natural cooling solutions by adopting modular condenser; the CyberHandler 2, using the high-efficient evaporative cooling technology, has provided services for various customers across the globe, and is already launched in the Chinese market; for small data center, the CyberMDC-Micro DC features multiple advantages, such as plug & play, no installation required, and preventing of water leaking. It can also be placed at random.

Introduction on STULZ’s after-sale protection and certification training 



Furthermore, in terms of after-sale protection and certification training, STULZ has also promoted a series of new measures to meet requirements from the market and customers, including the new Wechat Repair platform, uniforms the same with headquarters in Germany for maintenance employees, and offer on-line training which is available for both internal sales and maintenance employees and partners outside the company through their own channels. 

Awards on outstanding partners and issuing certificates for S/T- level partners 


STULZ also presented partners with various awards including Business Growth Awards, Best Partner Awards, Outstanding Contribution Awards, Customer Cultivation Awards, and Long-term Partnership Awards, etc., for recognition of their efforts and outstanding performance. In addition, according to the new channel policy, STULZ issued S-level (Super) and T-level (Trust) certificates for partners present separately. All above awards not only showed the company’s sincere thanks to all partners, but also indicated our trust and expectation for further cooperation in 2018.



The STULZ Partner Conference 2018 has concluded successfully. Meanwhile, it is our sincere hope that, STULZ and partners, in a competitive market, will work jointly to achieve win-win results and create a more promising future in the field of data center.



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