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2016 STULZ Roadshow Completed Successfully

2016 STULZ annual roadshow was completed successfully in Fuzhou on 21st. June During the past two months, 2016 STULZ roadshow themed as “Energy saving solutions for more efficient data centers” covered 9 cities and communicated with nearly 400 participants. According to the industry trends, STULZ experts explained the industry standards in detail and focused on the energy saving solutions. We hope to build a green, energy saving data center together with all the participants

STULZ holds the roadshow activity every year which brings different great experience to customer from China datacenter market. In this year, DFC dynamic free cooling system with the two key technologies, intelligent switch of operation modes and dynamic control of water temperature, has undoubtedly been the focus of all the participants. Furthermore, the objective and comprehensive customer experience sharing also opened a new view to know of STULZ.

2016 roadshow has drawn a satisfactory conclusion. We believed that the expectation from the customers will not stop. STULZ will try its best to provide and share innovation cooling solutions and make contribution to build the green data centers.

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