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Create Infinity for New Horizon · STULZ Opens A New Test Lab in Hangzhou Plant

Driven by emerging information technologies such as the Internet, mobile Internet, cloud computing, and big data, the recent years has witnessed booming construction in data center market in China, and it was developing towards trends of large-scale, high-density, and environmental-friendly. Then, how to achieve efficient cooling, improve energy efficiency and overall operational efficiency in data centers has become the research and practice direction of the new generation of data centers. When it comes to critical cooling in data center, air conditioning products by Stulz have enjoyed a worldwide reputation for its stable and reliable technology and quality.

On September 19, 2018, the opening ceremony of STULZ new Test Lab held in Hangzhou plant, marking that STULZ, the world-renowned energy efficiency and temperature & humidity management technology supplier, has made new progress in its development in China. Among those attendees include regional distributors, end users, upstream suppliers and industry media representatives, not to mention German leaders from the management team of Stulz; they gathered here and witnessed this historical moment. 

Coming with an amazing lion dancing performance, the opening ceremony themed by “Create Infinity for New Horizon” kicked off. Mr Jürgen Stulz, President of the STULZ Group, added eyes to the “lion” personally. The cinnabar is painted on the lion's eyes, which represents the meaning of giving life, and the lion was full of vigor immediately; it meant evil avoided while good luck gained, and STULZ is sure to make great achievements in China!

Mr. Jürgen Stulz, President of the Stulz Group, adds eyes to the “lion” personally.

Lion dancing performance: Wishing Stulz all the best and make great achievements


At 10 o'clock in the morning, Mr. Jürgen Stulz, President of STULZ Group, Mr. Kurt Plötner, Vice President of STULZ Group, Mr. Alexander STULZ, Director of Global Subsidiary of STULZ Group, Mr. Marc Brean, President of STULZ Group, China Region, Mr. Zhang Jun, Director of Industrial Division, and Mr. Cheng Liquan, Director of Refrigeration Air Conditioning and Environmental Control Research Institute, Hefei Province, cut the ribbon together for Test Lab of STULZ Hangzhou Plant.  

The test lab of Hangzhou Plant, Stulz is unveiled along with the salutes and fireworks

Group photo of ribbon-cutting guests


As a world-renowned brand providing IT cooling solutions, STULZ has always been aiming to perform computer controlled testing on air conditioning solutions by using quality test equipment, and it has set up its own professional testing center in Shanghai. In order to meet technology development requirements of precision air conditioning, STULZ has built a test lab (test center) with new technology in the Hangzhou plant, designed to perform computer controlled testing on air conditioning solutions by using test equipment based on new technology. The test lab covers an area of 350 square meters, and engineers in the test bench can provide two types of services in the closed compartment according to the GB/T19413-2010 standard: namely, the customer witness test and design prototype test. 

“The opening of the test lab of STULZ Hangzhou Plant means that STULZ brings global new technologies to China, and we can provide our partners and customers with more energy-efficient products and better services.” Said Mr. Marc Brean, President of STULZ, China Region.

Mr. Zhang Jun, Director of Industrial Division, STULZ Group, China Region elaborated on the new laboratory: “Even in the design and development stage, we can test and optimize the system based on customers’ demands and a large number of tests can be performed under various conditions to demonstrate the actual performance of the system and components. In addition, we can determine the expected operating costs for our customers through the Stulz Select database.”

Indoor Environment Simulation Room-Test Lab, Hangzhou Plant, STULZ

Outdoor Environment Simulation Room-Test Lab, Hangzhou Plant, STULZ


According to the staff from STULZ, two environmental simulation rooms are set up in the center to simulate the in-door space and natural environment state where the air conditioner is running, in order to measure and evaluate the performance and reliability of the indoor and outdoor units of the air conditioner in the real operating environment. Among them, for indoor simulation, it ranges from 10 °C to 45 °C, with relative humidity as low as 25%; and for outdoor, it simulates the natural ambient temperature of -20 °C to 55 °C. 

At the same time, the wind tunnel enthalpy difference method is adopted to measure the performance of the air conditioner under different working conditions, different air volume and air supply static pressure requirements. Two testing wind tunnel devices with different ranges are used to adapt to different test requirements to ensure high accuracy of the test data in a wide range of products (1200 CMH to 55000 CMH). 

In terms of the reliability test of air conditioners, the Hangzhou Test Lab can achieve testing on the operations, alarm response, functional protection and various functional modes (such as heating, humidification, dehumidification, condensation water removal) under different working temperatures and air supply requirements. Both the indoor and outdoor sides of the laboratory are equipped with a variety of temperature and humidity treatment equipment to verify the reliability of the product in stable simulated testing conditions under different capacity requirements. At the same time, the laboratory is equipped with high-precision signal acquisition device with fast response speed, which can make records on various key data of equipment in the case of changes in working conditions dynamically. The professional technical testing team will analyze and make judgements on the continuous reliability of the product based on the data. 

When it comes to energy-saving, the Hangzhou Test Lab also adopted a unique energy-saving design to achieve a green testing environment. For the outdoor temperature simulation, the lab has introduced an outdoor fresh air system, mixing the hot side load of air conditioning with the natural fresh air in the autumn and winter, and effectively reducing the heat load of the chiller during the simulation of outdoor temperature.

For the indoor temperature simulation, the lab effectively balances the thermal load on the hot and cold sides of the chiller in the laboratory with the heat load of the units and equipment in the laboratory, avoiding the release of heat load to the environment on both sides, which greatly reduces the energy consumption during the equipment operation.

With more than 70 years of professional experience in the air conditioning industry, Stulz, as an expert in the field, is quite familiar with various expertise and technologies required by the data center industry, not to mention its own core technology. Innovation Leads to Future-with the launch of the test lab, Stulz is expected to provide more efficient air conditioning products and cooling solutions for more data centers.

STULZ is sure to provide outstanding system solutions for data centers, anywhere and anytime!



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