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STULZ Group Management Interviewed by DTDATA

With the rapid development of data centers in recent years, data centers have become major energy users, coupled with worrying climate problems, data centers are looking for better energy-saving solutions. In 2018, and in the future, data centers will face the challenges of climate and energy consumption. With the advent of 5G and digital economy, the IT architecture of data centers will need to change to support more digital strategies.

How will the future of data center evolve?

As the world's known solution provider of energy efficient temperature and humidity management technology, STULZ has more than 40 years of professional experience in the air conditioning industry, and have a good reputation for lean manufacturing and technology leadership in the world. What good news will STULZ bring to us today?

Hangzhou in September is at a time of crisp autumn. On September 19, 2018, a grand opening ceremony of STULZ China Hangzhou Factory Testing Laboratory (Capacity Test Center) was held. This marks a solid step for the development of STULZ in China.

At the opening ceremony of the ribbon cutting ceremony, DTDATA reporters and guests witnessed this important historic moment and held in-depth exchanges with Mr. Kurt  Plötne, Vice President of STULZ Group and Mr. Marc Brean, President of STULZ China, at a media meeting on the shore of West Lake to discuss the future of the Green Data Center.

At present, STULZ air conditioner ranks second in global sales, with 10 factories and 19 subsidiaries in the world, with products in more than 130 countries and regions.STULZ entered China in 1986, established a production base in Shanghai in 2005, and established the second production base in Hangzhou in 2013.
Next, let's listen to the voice from STULZ.

DTDATA: Why did the lab choose in Hangzhou? What jobs can it undertake?

STULZ: First of all, we have limited factory space in Shanghai, so we choseto set up an additional Test Center in Hangzhou.Secondly, the Hangzhou plant will produce some new products, which are not intended to be produced in Shanghai factory.It is believed that the products manufactured by Hangzhou factory, with the help of  the test center performance testing, can also confirm and certify the different needs of customers at home and abroad, and get their recognition.

Hangzhou Factory Test Center  has important work and significance. It can test and help to optimize air conditioning units and systems according to customers' requirements, and carry out a wide number of tests under various conditions to prove the actual performance of the systems and components. It can prove that the products manufactured by  Stulz China  can maintain the global technical standards of STULZ and meet the global customers' orders for production in China, and ensure  that customers product selection and product standards are fully met.



DTDATA: How does STULZ see the future market?

STULZ: In our view, in the past two to three years, due to the Internet, IT business demand-driven, enterprises such as Tencent, Ali, Baidu and other construction of a lot of data centers, as well as many cloud data centers built by third parties, capacity has been greatly increased.Compared with the global market, China's market is increasing exceptional.This is a good opportunity for Stulz, as  we have always been optimistic about the Chinese market.

Because STULZ has focused on product development and production of mission critical products. We've also seen changes in the way data centers are cooled  over the past few years and are  proud that in the mission critrical data center cooling segment , no matter how technological requirements  change,STULZ has always been able to meet different customer needs and perform well.

In the next few years, 5G, digital development should greatly promote the capacity growth of data centers, edge data centers will increase, but the continuous growth and huge amount should be the data center of large Internet companies. next is subdivided industry data center. STULZ will pay more attention to providing satisfactory customized service to IDC and subdivision industry customers.



DTDATA: How does STULZ view energy consumption in data centers? What are the differences between China and other markets in the world (Europe and America)?

STULZ: Let's talk about China first. In China, the government attaches great importance to energy conservation, but in the past three to four years, many energy-saving technology has not really landed, but today, the relevant conditions are ripe. We see a lot of large data centers are looking for new, more appropriate cooling methods. At the same time, we found through the order data, that while the demand for standard units without focus on energy efficiency have been greatly reduced, the number of energy-efficient equipment units is increasing.

Other markets around the world, such as Europe and America, are likely to place more emphasis on energy efficiency than China focused more on how much electricity and costs can be saved. For example, customers will evaluate how much the TCO (including installation, operation and maintenance) our air conditioning units can reduced in the next 3-5 years, but this is not the case in China.That's not to say some data centers in China don't value energy savings, but customers often ask:How much PUE can it reduce for us? We're sorry we couldn't give the customer a positive answer, because PUE value calculation, which should be the job of the data center design stage designers.

In addition, European and Chinese requirements are different when bidding. In Europe, customers look for  unique cooling solutions with lowest TCO offered by each supplier, but in China, each product specified  requires at least three bidders to offer the same solutions with a lower TCO which are only available from 1 or 2 suppliers.



DTDATA: We mentioned 5G in front of us. With the coming of the 5G era, how will STULZ deal with it?

STULZ: In fact, for STULZ, we are more focused on how to provide better cooling technology for the key cooling system of the data center, provide more efficient air conditioning equipment units, and provide better customization services. But we also see that with the development of 5G communications technology, more micro data centers will be needed to support the infrastructure, which is called edge data centers in the industry. So we are also preparing to launch a new solution.

DTDATA: What are STULZ main (new) products and solutions this year? What are the advantages of these products and solutions from the perspective of end users?

STULZ: If we want to talk about new products and solutions, we can introduce the Cabinet-level micro-module solutions and indirect evaporative natural cooling air treatment units of the micro data center which are displayed in Hangzhou factory today. They will become more suitable energy-saving solutions in the application scenarios of edge data center and large data center.

In fact, STULZ products and solutions currently cover all segments of the market, including traditional room-level refrigeration, high-density refrigeration, water chilling units, container refrigeration modules and adiabatic refrigeration air conditioning equipment, all systems using "indirect natural cooling" technology. STULZ also provides "direct natural cooling" technology for CRAC systems, air conditioning equipment and modular data centers.



DTDATA: PUE is proposed by the Green Grid (TGG) as an international energy efficiency index. STULZ is also a global member of the Green Grid. We mentioned energy conservation and PUE earlier. Although the calculation of PUE value is the work of designers, we can not deny the contribution and enthusiasm of STULZ in reducing PUE and improving energy utilization rate. Promoting the development of green data centers is also our common goal. Does STULZ have relevant green promotion programs in China?

STULZ: We know that data center energy consumption is very high, of which nearly 40% of energy consumption comes from data center cooling equipment. Therefore, STULZ has been shouldering an important mission - to develop more energy-efficient air conditioning, make data centers more energy-efficient, reduce PUE, and improve energy utilization rate.

Today, our open test laboratory is of great significance to the research and test of energy saving for data center and air conditioning products. Thanks the media and industry friends for their concern and support.

In addition to being a global member of the Green Grid (TGG), STULZ is also a member of the China Data Center Working Group (CDCC), and participated in the DCD Shanghai event last year and this year. In fact, we also have been concerned about many activities in the industry, we hope to be able to focus on providing more energy-saving technology and products to everyone, but also hope to do more technical exchanges with the industry.



Conclusion: Customer-centered, enterprising spirit and technical expertise, so that STULZ Group can continue to harvest success, looking forward to STULZ for China and the world's partners and customers to provide more energy-efficient products and better service, help the development of green data center better! 



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