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STULZ guides the new development of domestic air conditioning system

STULZ guides the new development of domestic air conditioning system

The 2016 CDC Forum, sponsored by CESC and undertaken by CDCC and CSC, was held in Beijing Crowne Plaza Hotel from Nov.15th to Nov.16th. SE director of STULZ, Li Jianjun, was invited to attend the sub-forum——CDC air conditioning technology and application summit, and shared the speech, <Explore the new development of CDC AC by European and American design>, with local experts.

According to Manager Li, there are approximately 3.5 million data center in the world, mainly in the regions like the US, Europe, China, Japan and Singapore. The number of European and American data center accounts for 57% of the total global amount.

Europe has great enthusiasm for technical research for the data center to choose the best product. It focuses on waterside energy-saving application and product design, mostly small systems. Nevertheless, the US pursues brand-new technology and marketing. It focuses on airside energy-saving application, system design and structure integration, majorly big systems.

Currently, waterside cooling system is relatively mature in the domestic application. STULZ has also released indirect and direct evaporation cooling system. The former one aims at using vapor to eject the heat. Using air-air heat exchanger, STULZ IeCE has no need in bringing in air outdoor, and also satisfies current IT cooling requirement, and this can realize 75% potential energy-saving, comparing to the traditional mechanical cooling method. Meanwhile, the latter one, CyberLab, is the cooling solution designed for temperature and humidity constant environment of places like labs and archives. This solution is the first standardized unit aimed for this special application in the market, with the help of EC technology to maximize the efficiency. To make sure the high reliability and efficiency, air conditioning and control system have to cooperate with each other perfectly. Therefore, STULZ has developed assorted controller so that the temperature and humidity can be precisely constant and cut the operating cost to the largest extent.

The STULZ speech scene was crowded with people. There was no seat left even the time was in conflict with the rest time. Furthermore, display region was also full of guest, and 2 professionals gave the detailed explanation to them.

The 2016 CDC Forum was composed of not only 60 speeches by top domestic and foreign DC experts, but also 20 DC annual awards to release. All the judges of 2016 China Outstanding Data Center came from experts among design institute and end users. The selection was based on a large amount of data and complete evaluation model, and finally voted with fairness. STULZ depended on its advanced technology and complete solution, wining ‘2016 China Outstanding Data Center’ again. In addition, the water chilling unit energy efficiency ratio of Qinghai Ecological Environmental Protection Data Resource Center supported by STULZ has improved 20%, and realized the purpose of sufficiently using cold source, transferring heat and enhancing efficiency. During the operation process, STULZ continually optimizes the running condition of precision air conditioning in data resource center. The average PUE of data center was reduced to 1.36.



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