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The world is becoming cooler by STULZ

Set sail with collaboration——2016 STULZ Dealer meeting was successfully held in March 11 in Xi’an. We looked back on the past and looked forward to the future. About 200 participants from STULZ sales and dealer teams attended the meeting. Mr. Marc Brean and COE team gave the subject speeches. We hope to open a new chapter in the future development jointly with the dealers.

Marc Brean:A satisfactory result in 2015
Analyze the pattern of the market, and review the sales performance. We got a satisfactory result in 2015. Mr. Marc Brean is full of confidence for the future development.
STULZ in the world grows step by step in our common efforts in 2015. Master specific AHU/Fan wall in US; New Factory open in Brazil; JV in Indonesia; Partnership NTT in Japan;  Acquire Software Company in Germany; Aim to full-line of Chiller in Europe.

COE: Dynamic free cooling will give the benefits across China
In 2015, we established a COE team consisted of core technical experts to enable the initiatives of the product localization and product adaptation activities toward to the market. The COE team will cooperate closely with new design team to provide a more rapid response service and solution for the Chinese market. During the conference, COE team brought the two dynamic free cooling systems, Eco Cool and DFC which will give the benefits to the data center across China.

Equipped with new company image, STULZ sets sail in 2016 with the more confidence and professional steps in the road of industry development. Set sail with collaboration——The world is becoming cooler by STULZ!

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