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[Your One-Stop Service] 2017 STULZ Roadshow successfully concludes (copy 1)

Held in 10 cities with around 600 attendee

With the end of the Shenzhen stop on 13rd.July, STULZ 2017 "Your one-stop service" roadshow came to a close. 2017 STULZ roadshow has been held in 10 cities and nearly 600 participants attended, listening to STULZ experts’ explanation on the cutting edge technology and understanding the features as well as the advantages of STULZ latest products.

As the leader of the precision air conditioning industry, STULZ has been committed to the progress of product quality and the variety of products. In recent years, STULZ, through a series of acquisition strategy, has improved and realized the integrity of the product chain,striving to provide best one-stop service for customer.

Bright Points at the Roadshow

Customized Micro-Module System

"Customized micro-module system" is one of the high spots of the roadshow this year. Based on the demanding of data center, this system adopts chilled water in-row air conditioner, air cooled in-row air conditioner and ethylene glycol free cooling air conditioner to design customized solution. Cyber MDC not only has the advantages of simple, fast and high efficient, but also provides the customer the opportunity to select the component brands independently apart from STULZ offer, which perfectly annotates "customization".

Take Control of High Heat Density Environment by Liquid Cooling

STULZ liquid cooling technology is the most "symptomatic" solution to cope with the cooling requirements of high heat density environment. The heat exchanger in the liquid cooling transmission pipeline can support the heat dissipation of cabinet over 40kw. Besides that, it also has the characteristics of adjusting heat value dynamically, no chiller requirement and outdoor installation.  

Intelligent Three-Dimensional Monitoring Platform

Stulz CyberHub intelligent monitoring system has six skills as "monitoring", "report", "management", "planning","analysis" and "control". While monitoring the running system 24 hours a day without stop all the year round, this intelligent platform can generate customized operation reports for different group of people, conduct intelligent management and three-dimensional  layout to the datacenter with intellectual analysis and control.

2017 STULZ "Your one-stop service" roadshow has come to a successful end, while the pursuit for excellent quality and professionalism has never stopped. Grasping the pulse of market and focusing on product quality, STULZ will keep walking in the front of the industry.




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