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[Your One-Stop Service] 2017 STULZ Sales & Dealer Meeting was held successfully in Suzhou

Hundreds of dealer attended the meeting

From May 11st to May 13rd, 2017, the world's leading supplier in energy efficiency, temperature and humidity management, STULZ, held "Your One-Stop Service" 2017 Annual Sales and Dealer Meeting in Suzhou, Jiangsu. Hundreds of internal staff and dealer representatives from all over the country attended the meeting. Moreover, STULZ reviewed the efforts and successes of last year and shared the vision of the future and the blueprint for cooperation.

On the meeting, STULZ comprehensively analyzed all the efforts and achievements of 2016, and also pointed out sharply brand advantages and disadvantages. Meanwhile, detailed introduction of the 2017 newly-launched products and models were shared with presented staff and dealers friends, making everyone understanding the one-stop service of STULZ better.

2017 New STULZ Introduction

Mr. Oliver Stulz, Global President of STULZ, first made a brief speech for the meeting about the introduction of new one-stop service system of STULZ and showed the complete product chain of STULZ in data center refrigeration. Meanwhile, he said that the core idea of achieving such a complete product chain to realize a one-stop service was through strategic acquisitions to form a brand-new STULZ.

2016 STULZ Sales Review

Right after that, Mr. Marc Brean, President of STULS China, summarized market trends and sales performance of STULZ in 2016. As seen from his sharing, STULZ was still the owner of the second market share and had a higher performance in 2016, comparing to 2015. 

STULZ Comprehensive Solution Plan 

Neil Kuang, Operations Director of STULZ, throwed his point of view --- the customization solution now accounts for the company's overall solutions by 47.2%, and this trend will definitely become the mainstream in future. Therefore, STULZ would both develop the one-stop service and pay attention to concept of customized services.

Cyril Chen, Senior Product Manager of STULZ, made a detailed description of newly launched products for STULZ in 2017. Afterwards, Mr. Kurt, Vice President of STULZ, focused on Customized Air Handler Solution and CyberHandler2, also making detailed introductions and explaining their operating theroy. This enabled the presented sales person and dealers to know these new products better. Meanwhile, the speech also highlighted Cyberhub eco. DC Software, analyzing its advantages and advantages in overall and explaining its value and significance of our partners.

STULZ Key Accounts Introduction for Global and China

Helen Lu, Key Account and Marketing Strategy General Manager of STULZ, shared the efforts and results of her team with her experience and experience of last year. She said that although STULZ still needs to work harder in fields like national communications, however, some local communications has already put the name of STULZ on the list of their candidates. Therefore,the information needs to be collected and shared by local salesman and dealers themselves to get a better result. This is also one of the development possibilities in the future.


The 2017 STULZ Annual Sales and Dealer Meeting has fallen the curtain with success. Here, all staff from STULZ want to thank those who have given a hand to STULZ. STULZ promises to do better in 2017!





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