Fan Wall

New design concept for greater performance, energy efficiency and redundancy

Breaking new ground: When it comes to large and hyperscale data centers, conventional air conditioning systems are up against their limits. Restricted space, electricity consumption and high heat loads are some of the challenges that need to be overcome. STULZ offers solutions to these challenges and guarantees efficient, demand-based and reliable air conditioning of your mission-critical equipment.

Our air handling units unique design allows space for taller server racks with greater IT load densities, therefore enabling air conditioning of the maximum heat load.

Customized Modularity - Maximizing cooling density

The STULZ Custom Indoor AHU is a purpose-built,modular solution that meets users' unique requirements. The unit is customizable to project-specific sizing and to various site conditions. The design concept with zero side access results in an increased cooling capacity per wall length. Furthermore the modularity increases the operational reliability through redundancy.

  • Hyperscale

    Optimized for air conditioning particularly large data centers

  • Free Cooling

    Maximum potential savings by using cool outside air

  • Project-specific design

    Designed according to your individual requirements

  • No raised floor

    Reliable cooling even without raised floor

STULZ Custom Indoor AHU room loop



  • Reliable air conditioning of taller racks and higher heat loads

  • Large air throw for uniform cooling of large server rooms

  • Units with Free Cooling option enable maximum potential savings

  • Low pPUE values achievable

  • Extremely low AER (Airflow Efficiency Ratio) values thanks to minimal pressure drops

  • Small footprint with maximum cooling capacity

  • Air handling units with low noise level


  • Modular design ensures redundancy

  • Wall-mounted installation with horizontal air conduction

  • Easy access for maintenance purposes

  • No raised floor required

Technical Data for CyberWall (WBF 2000 CW)

Cooling Capacity kW221
Airflow m³/h55,000

 *Return air conditions: 37℃;25% r. h.; Chilled Water: 16/26℃



All details about Air Handling Units for indoor installation

 A new cooling concept for air conditioning maximum heat loads

Design Concept

1. No raised floor required
2. The entire cold aisle is air conditioned
3. Wall-mounted installation with horizontal air conduction
4. Hot aisle containment
5. Taller racks
6. Return air duct
7. Service corridor
8. Air Handling Units


  • Systems can be adapted to the project-specific room size and different site conditions
  • Modular design enables efficient utilization of space and increases operational reliability through redundancy
  • Higher cooling capacity per wall length: thanks to the design concept, units can be positioned directly next to each other

Energy Efficiency

Perfect hydraulic coordination of liquid cooling systems thanks to pressure independent control (PIC) valve:

  • Automatic hydraulic compensatione
  • Precise, stable operation whatever the heat load
  • Reduced energy consumption of pumps in the chilled water system

Maximum added value with our-self-developed control system

  • Built-in added value:   Our controllers are designed for controlling and monitoring air conditioning systems and for the parallel operation of several machines.
  • Intelligent control system:   Optional sequencing with standby functions enables individual air conditioning modules of a group to be used to a greater or lesser extent with the utmost flexibility.
  • Reliable documentation:   Monitoring and reporting in addition to recording the indoor climate
  • Maximum flexibility:  Compatible with all common BMS protocols
  • Maximum performance:   The controllers enable the centralized control of up to 20 air conditioning modules per group.

Air handling units by STULZ: The complete solution

Our Air Handling Unit solutions for indoor installation are more than just products. We offer you a complete service portfolio – a turnkey solution for cooling your data center:

  •     Worldwide, professional service
  •     Start-up
  •     Maintenance
  •     Optimization of operations






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