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Announcement to Partners

                Announcement on STULZ Original Factory Service

Dear Customers and Partners,
Stulz Air Technology and Services Shanghai Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Our Company") is dedicated to providing the customers with professional, efficient, safe, reliable and fully guaranteed airconditioning products and original factory maintenance and repair services. 

In order to better ensure the continuous and stable operation of the air-conditioning equipment, reduce the operational risk of the related systems, and bolster the core business of the customers, we hereby formally remind our customers and partners that when you choose to purchase STULZ products or original factory service, please make sure to verify the STULZ authorization documents.

You are welcome to call hotline 400-820-4380 or send an email to serviceverify(at) for inquiry and check.
In particular, we hereby announce that none of the following companies are currently or will be authorized by Our Company to sell products or provide services on behalf of Our Company:
1.     Chengdu Ai Si Lun Te Electrical and Mechanical Equipment Engineering Co. , Ltd. (成都艾斯伦特机电设备工程有限公司)
2.     Guiyang Zhong Shi Yu Xin Air-Conditioning Equipment Co.,Ltd. (贵阳众拾誉信空调设备有限公司)
3.     Wuhan You Jie Te Technology Co.,Ltd. (武汉优捷特科技有限公司)
4.     Chongqing Ha Guan Electrical and Mechanical Equipment Co. , Ltd. (重庆哈冠机电设备有限公司)
5.     Chongqing Henglve Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Co.,Ltd. (重庆恒略机电工程有限公司 )
6.     Xi'an Zhiwei Xinda Information Technology Co.,Ltd. (西安智维信达信息科技有限公司)
7.     Guizhou Huajun Air-conditioning Equipment Co.,Ltd. (贵州华俊空调设备有限公司)
8.     Urumqi Zhicheng Huijie Electronics Technology Co.,Ltd. (乌鲁木齐市志诚惠捷电子科技有限公司)
9.     Shenyang Dadong District Dongxin Refrigeration Equipment Maintenance Services Company (沈阳市大东区兴东鑫制冷设备维修服务部)
10.   Changsha Fang Jia Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. (长沙方佳电子科技有限公司)
11.   Guangzhou Sheng Jiang Ming Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. (广州圣匠铭电子科技有限公司)
12.   Guangxi Jia Si Te Technology Co., Ltd. (广西嘉斯特科技有限公司)
13.   Beijing Shi Zhi Tu Yuan Technlogy Co., Ltd. (北京实志图远科技有限公司)
14.   Beijing Shi Tu Si Chuang Computer Room Equipment Co., Ltd. (北京世图思创机房设备有限公司)
15.   Chengdu You Pi Si Technology Co., Ltd. (成都优匹斯科技有限公司)
16.   Chengdu Fei Li Ke Si Technology Co., Ltd. (成都菲力克斯科技有限责任公司)


We further announce that the following persons have left Our Company and none of them are currently or will be entitled to sell products or provide services on behalf of Our Company:

1.       Wang Hongjjie (王洪杰)
2.       Qian Bo (钱波)
3.       Pang Yi (房怡)
4.       Chen Yi (陈毅)
5.       Liu Yumei (刘玉梅)
6.       He Xiaowei (和小伟)
7.       Zhong Dong (钟东)
8.       He Ping (何平)
9.       Huang Shuguang (黄曙光)
10.     Wang Zhongsheng (王众生)
11.     Peng Yahui (彭亚辉)
12.     Xiao Ning (肖宁)
13.     Li Shuhong (李树洪)
14.     Wen Hao (文浩)  

Stulz Air Technology and Services Shanghai Co., Ltd.
Sep.18, 2020



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