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Join the Premiere of "Xiao Shi Shuo" - STULZ Online Sharing


Precision air conditioner is an important part of data center infrastructure, so it needs to pay much attention to the site selecting, planning, construction, as well as operation and maintenance of the data centers. Furthermore, the energy efficiency of data centers is greatly influenced by precision air conditioner.


China's data centers are changing dramatically with each passing day. The air conditioning system that goes together with it has been changed a lot in air distribution, the heat loads of single cabinet and cooling methods as well. Relying on the introduction and popularization of STULZ Global's new refrigeration concepts, technologies and products, STULZ China is committed to constantly promote the continuous development of air conditioning system technologies of data centers in China.


"Xiao Shi Shuo" is an online sharing channel of STULZ China and it will be officially launched on June 18. In the premiere, we will focus on the high density development and continuous optimization of energy efficiency of data centers, hoping to bring you with some new views of air conditioners.


The live broadcast is hosted by Li Jianjun, STULZ's senior manager of presales technology. Mr. Li joined STULZ's technology team in 2011 and engaged in the research and development of air conditioning and refrigeration products as well as technology management for more than 20 years. So he has a lot of experience in the design and development of air conditioning and refrigeration products, as well as in-depth knowledge on energy-saving technologies of air conditioning systems in data centers, especially for those large data centers. He has participated technical support and implementation of air conditioning system solution of several big data centers in China. Mr. Li is also the co-editor of the White Paper on the Energy Saving of Air Conditioning Systems released by the CDCC .

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