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Reliable air conditioning of your 5G infrastructure

STULZ is your global partner for the 5G rollout, with air conditioning at the very highest level and regional service close to you all over the world.


The rollout of 5G has brought about a huge increase in computing power – and of electricity consumption. Due to the resulting heat, reliable and efficient air conditioning of the various applications is indispensable. STULZ air conditioning solutions with Free Cooling function ensure maximum availability for your application in the 5G market, with minimal energy costs. This way, your successful 5G rollout can be achieved in compliance with global and regional CO2 emission targets.


The rollout of the 5G network and the resulting increase in data volumes also mean more exacting requirements and greater computing capacity for the backbone – or core – network. With STULZ, you have an experienced partner in precision air conditioning at your side. Even with more demanding requirements and increasing heat loads, our solutions reliably cool data centers and hyperscale infrastructures (high-density applications).

STULZ high-efficiency Precision air-conditioning includes CyberAir 3PRO DX、CyberAir 3PRO-CW、MiniSpace and CyberLab. The air conditioning in rooms housing mission critical applications requires very large amounts of heat to be removed reliably and efficiently. With precision air conditioning units from STULZ, you can rely on full operational reliability. Our solutions provide continuous air conditioning with maximum energy efficiency, even at high heat loads.

STULZ Air-Handling units includes Custom Indoor AHU和 outdoor CyberHandler 2,which can be individually configured and manufactured to meet a wide range of requirements. From small data centers with the need for roof installation to hyperscale data centers without raised floors: Our indoor and outdoor Air Handling Units offer custom-tailored solutions for your project with maximum energy efficiency.


The rollout of the 5G network is also leading to the decentralization of computing power. While the requirements for the core network are becoming tougher, expanding and extending the edge infrastructure is also imperative in order to satisfy latency and data volume requirements. STULZ is at your side, with special air conditioning solutions and all the key components, for heat loads large and small and for micro data centers, too. This way, you can ensure the maximum possible availability of your applications with minimum operating costs. 

STULZ MDC products, including CyberMDC Solo, CyberMDC Line and CyberMDC F2F,  is a cost-efficient solution that delivers scalable, demand-driven IT resources, upgrades existing critical infrastructure or easily installs additional computing and storage power at the edge of your network,with the  characteristics of high efficiency, energy saving, high reliability, intelligent management, fast deployment.


The shorter range of the 5G network necessitates a huge increase in base stations and antennas. To ensure fail-safe operation of the decentralized nodes, reliable cooling of the various applications is essential. STULZ offers long-lasting, energy-efficient solutions specifically for modular buildings, outdoor cabinets and base stations. Not only does this minimize operating costs – it also helps to achieve global and regional CO2 targets. It is also important to minimize noise emissions near residential areas and offices. STULZ offers solutions for this, ensuring optimum operating conditions which in turn make sure all system equipment runs quietly.

Global partner for local requirements

Even back when the 1G network was being rolled out, our customers were able to rely on our innovation, reliability and partnership. Today, STULZ remains an expert partner with over 40 years of experience in precision air conditioning, to accompany you through a successful 5G rollout. With 21 subsidiaries, 10 production sites, and sales and service partners in more than 140 countries, we are close to you all over the world.

Reliable service close to you all over the world

With trained and experienced service employees and partners in over 140 countries, we are close to you all over the world. The resulting proximity to our customers means we can act fast. What’s more, regular training and extensive information sharing ensure high quality and a comprehensive knowledge of all our products. This way, you can be sure that your installations are in the best hands and receive the right service – anywhere in the world.

Air conditioning to the highest level

With our global product portfolio, we offer the same quality standards and services wherever you are in the world. What’s more, you can have products and solutions adapted to your specific project and local requirements. Whether you need low noise emissions in urban centers or minimal CO2 emissions due to regional regulations – we work with you to develop your optimum solution.

The efficiency benchmark

When you have significant computing power, reliable air conditioning is critical and rapidly becomes a major cost factor. STULZ products are consistently engineered to beat the rest in TCO comparisons: our chilling systems continue to have the lowest overall running costs over their lifetime, in all operating conditions.
We are the international leader in Direct and Indirect Free Cooling solutions, which cut operating costs to an absolute minimum. With meticulous production engineering, innovative cooling technology, simple and intuitive use and – if the occasion arises – lightning-fast service on your doorstep and excellent spare part availability, we make sure you get the best solution.

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