Shanghai Disneyland

STULZ safeguarded your fairytale world

The playing of brilliant 3D images and animations in Disneyland needs powerful data center technical support. As the world-renowned theme park, Disneyland always adheres to stringent standards in selecting and purchasing data center products. Through strict screening of domestic and foreign precision air conditioning brands involved in the competitive bidding, the first Disneyland in mainland China - Shanghai Disneyland chose the STULZ CyberAir finally.

STULZ provides 20 CyberAir3 CW series precision air conditioners exclusively for computer rooms in Shanghai Disneyland, with 6 air conditioners placed in the Master Data Center and Tomorrowland respectively, and 4 air conditioners placed in the Phase-II Administrative Building and Dreamland respectively. Among the precision air conditioners provided to the Master Data Center, 3 of them are the precision air conditioning products with the highest power in the industry during bidding, as their max power can reach 200 KW. At present, STULZ has accomplished the supply of goods, and 20 CyberAir3 precision air conditioners have arrived at Shanghai Disneyland. 

With the optional up/down air supply mode, the CyberAir CWU/E unit is configured with advanced components like the C7000 processor, EC fan and electronic expansion valve, and integrates the advanced free-cooling chiller unit at the same time, which can not only guarantee more efficient operation but also greatly reduce the running cost of the entire system. Therefore, it is an ideal choice for precision cooling of large-scale computer rooms where the thermal load is beyond 20 KW. 

Disney opened up a fantasy world for all who had dreams.  STULZ will safeguard these dreams and help you to enjoy the most wonderful journey.



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