Computer Room of Nanhai Information Center of China Guangfa Bank Co., Ltd.

  • Customer Information

    Headquartered in Guangzhou, China Guangfa Bank (CGB) is one of the earliest established joint-stock commercial banks in China. Through many years of fast development, CGB has set up more than 560 branches. According to The Banker’s Top 1000 World Banks ranking, CGB has been included in the Global Top 500 Banks in successive four years.

  • The Project

    The CBG Nanhai Financial Service Center Project covers a gross floor area of about 340,000 m2. From north to south, the project includes the computer room building & power distribution building, credit card center & information center, call center, operation center and training center, data backup computer room, and other major individual buildings. The central computer room, designed according to the national Grade-A standards, covers an area of about 51,000 m2 and consists of 2 computer room buildings and 2 power distribution buildings; the gross floor area of computer room buildings is about 42,000 m2 and that of power distribution buildings about 9,000 m2. By adopting integrated planning and modular design, the project can be implemented in stages according to the application needs, to satisfy CGB’s production and R&D test demands in future 15 years. Precision air conditioning is adopted for the primary computer room and UPS room to satisfy the constant temperature and humidity design requirements; while VRV air conditioning is used in other auxiliary areas. The computer room is designed based on the Grade-A computer room on the whole and the design index of key computer room systems reaches the highest international standard - T4; the CHW (chilled water) cooling method is used for the precision air conditioning system. The cold-source system is installed with 2N redundancy design, and the single coil redundancy design is adopted for precision air conditioner; in Phase I, 122 STULZ ASD1600CWU and 8 STULZ ASD1050CWU air conditioning units have been used, with the total cooling capacity up to 21,900 KW. The EC sinking fan unit is adopted for the CHW precision air conditioning, which saves the computer room space and increases the single-machine cooling capacity; in the primary computer room, the closed cold aisle plus the floor differential pressure management control system is used to realize energy conservation, and the energy-saving effect is remarkable.



  • The Feedback

    The data center was awarded the prize of ”Excellent Financial Data Center” on 2015 China Data Center Annual Forum and China excellent data center awards ceremony.

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