Qinghai Development and Reform Commission

STULZ Supports Informatization Development of Qinghai Province

Qinghai Development and Reform Commission Information Center shoulders the important responsibility of informatization planning throughout the province and plays an important role in guiding the work of various departments. However, throughout Qinghai Province, informatization lags behind relatively and various basic conditions are not ideal. Since Qinghai Development and Reform Commission Information Center has problems like outdated computer rooms, low construction standards and unideal site conditions, the whole project becomes rather difficult. After investigation and analysis by STULZ’s technical team, we submit the dynamic free cooling + horizontal air supply solution to users, which stands out among numerous manufacturers’ solutions. 

Xining, located in the northwest cold area, with annual average temperature of 9.2℃, enjoys a large amount of available free cold sources outdoors all the year round. Therefore, when the dynamic free cooling mode is adopted, local natural conditions can be efficiently utilized and excellent energy-saving effect will be achieved.  

STULZ free cooling system has three different modes, respectively the compressor mode (DX), mixed mode (MIX) and free cooling mode (FC). The C7000 advanced controller can automatically regulate the operation of various energy-saving modes according to changes in the outdoor temperature and the thermal load in the computer room, thus making maximum use of the outdoor natural cold sources. In the meantime, the problem of insufficient storey height at the site can be solved by using the horizontal air supply method. 

Through meticulous construction and comprehensive maintenance of the system for sound operation by the installation team and service team, the project can offer long-term practical data, thus laying a good foundation for the future development of energy conservation in computer rooms in Qinghai Province. 

Backed by practical and efficient solutions and excellent after-sales services, the computer room cooling system solution provided by STULZ to the Qinghai Development and Reform Commission Information Center has been unanimously recognized by Qinghai Development and Reform Commission and generalized among the local governments in Qinghai Province. We believe that more reliable and energy-saving STULZ cooling solutions will strike roots in Qinghai Province, and also hope that STULZ’s efforts will contribute to the information development in Qinghai Province. 

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